In this compilation, Demon Zhang aimed to convey a narrative of pushing limits and capturing the essence of exploration - the essence of surpassing the restrictions of nature and the resolute commitment to overcoming all boundaries, whether they be physical, cultural, or societal, in order to take a progressive stride in the annals of human history. His primary wellspring of inspiration stemmed from the indomitable spirit of numerous female pilots and aviators, along with the intricate depths of their personas, their journeys, and the historical chronicles depicted in posters and visuals.

"LED and other light source technologies are now becoming more and more accessible. That’s why my team and I have explored these new elements in our design process. We’ve discovered, as the technology becomes more sophisticated, these ‘high-tech’ garments have also evolved to suit daily use - some of them are washable (or even washing-machine safe) and easy to take care of. For designers, discovering new materials is like having a new toy - it never fails to excite us. Especially with the increasing number of high-standard sustainable materials in the past two years. I believe these build towards the future of fashion."