MITHRIDATE’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, as presented during London Fashion Week, delves into the themes of searching for inner peace and ‘The Cure’ on a mysterious oriental island; considering ‘to cure’ as both the result and the process. Creative Director Demon Zhang took thematic and design inspiration from her heritage, exploring concepts and prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicinal techniques including the key 24 different healing herbs, all conceptualised into sophisticated, romantic designs.

The collection is flooded with radiant yellow, soothing cyan, earthy salt pink and soft jade, arranged from organic and remedial fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen.  In keeping with MITHRIDATE’s dominant moth motif, this season introduces the ghost moth. With healing properties, the moth is interspersed through enticing patterns, layered accessories, hand embroidery and winged silhouettes. Demon Zhang fuses traditional with modern through oriental cutting designs and Southwest China’s bean dye technique alongside laser cutting and hydraulic spray painting. Infused with her signature maximalist style, the collection plays with flowing textures, as well as depth of light and layering to embody healing energy.